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the story: an extraordinary journey begines

  Smith's story brings the listener intimately, and at times painfully, close to one man and his family.
Born in Massachusetts in 1934, Marc P. Smith came into the world at the bottom of the Depression. He has lived life through the chaos of World War II, the cold war, McCarthyism, Vietnam, the 1960's cultural revolution, and the fall of Soviet Communism.

His life has crossed paths with officials of the repressive Syngman Rhee regime in South Korea, remnants of the top hierarchy of the Third Reich, the Ku Klux Klan, on and off stage show biz powerhouses, and the social and political maker/breakers in his struggle to create and maintain a professional regional theatre for a quarter century in his hometown of Worcester, Massachusetts. It is a journey to remember.

Shaped by events and a deep knowledge of his history, Marc offers an exciting account of his family and their journey.

A sad footnote: Marc P. Smith passed away on March 23, 2011, at the age of 77, having been continually active creatively until his death. For details on his last works, please visit

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