My Life... in Smithereens
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the story: an extraordinary journey begines

  Alyssa Baker, cousin once removed

Elliot Baker

Ben Jacobson

Daniel Jacobson, great grandfather

Hy Jacobson

Jenny (Stein) Jacobson, great grandmother

Meyer Jacobson
Sara Jacobson

Hyman Karll, great great uncle

Daniel Smith, son

Deb Smith, cousin

Dorothy (Jacobson) Smith, nana

Ellen Smith

Eve (Karll) Smith, (Eve Varance)

Fran (Seder) Smith, aunt

Harry Smith, great uncle

Joseph Smith, son

Marc P. Smith, father

Maurice Smith (Moise Varance)

Louis Varance Smith, gramps

Sid Smith
, uncle

Susan L. (Brand) Smith, mother

Eve (Karll) Smith, great grandmother

Moishe Varance Smith,
great grandpa

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