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reviews, the critics speak
"...moving and evocative detail ...Smith speaks with such simplicity and warmth that the listener can almost imagine the family is one's own." Naomi Geschwind, Hadassah Magazine

"…haunting stories…of the past and present, woven together through common themes of survival and strength. He paints chilling pictures…but Smith embraces the blessings of America and looks to the future with optimism." Marshall Weiss, The Dayton (Ohio) Jewish Observer

"a remarkable and deeply personal trek through the 20th century as seen by a family of poor Jews coming from the Russian Empire to America…stories…that command attention and bring the listener into a history lesson of a very private nature...a captivating listening experience." Seth Bromley, Rhode Island Jewish Herald

Heartwarming and heart-wrenching at the same time, Smith's story brings the reader intimately, and at times painfully, close to one man and his family. By the end of My Life…In Smithereens, you feel as though it is no longer only Smith's story; it has become a part of yours." Katie Perry, Worcester Magazine

"Marc is a wonderful storyteller…and this CD is a gift, not only to his sons, but also to every listener. I am giving the CD to our acquisitions librarian so she can place an order."  Penelope B. Johnson, Head Librarian, Worcester Public Library

"…totally engrossing…it moves smoothly between the very personal story of one family's journey to this country and the broader story of every immigrant family…it is, in fact, Marc Smith's love letter to America." Gloria Abramoff, co-owner, Tatnuck Bookseller

"What a remarkable piece of work." Arthur E. Chase, former State Senator

"I listened to this CD in the course of an evening. This story of one family's history and immigration to the United States will resonate with many…Marc Smith makes an excellent narrator. I'm looking forward to the next installment." 
Jean M. Langley, Library Director, Northborough Free Library

"I sat down with My Life…In Smithereens and didn't move until it was finished…In essence, there is a piece of every American/immigrant family in your story." Arthur Couture, ICAL Systems

"Smith's incredible family saga mirrors the adventures, agonies, and dreams that were characteristic of that time. (He) is an excellent storyteller with a keen eye for the ironies and delightful contradictions of daily life. I felt personally enriched by listening to …Smithereens." 
Rabbi Jay Rosenbaum, Congregation Beth Israel

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