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the story: an extraordinary journey begines

It started as just a small project. Marc Smith had asked his sons, both in their twenties, what they wanted for their birthdays. "Your biography", they answered.

As a playwright, Smith responded with what came naturally. His play, My Life…In Smithereens, was mounted in a showcase production in Boston in May, 2000 and its two-week run created a small sensation.

In response, Blue Pumpkin Productions produced a spoken word CD tracing the incredible events of the 20th century through the prism of this one man and his family.

Time moves back and forth from the present, to Czarist oppression, to the Holocaust, and to the 1950s in a crazy quilt of memories and world-shaking events. Smith's opening track alone will linger in your memory for years to come. Here's a 'small project' that's already begun its own journey to many homes, many families.

Joe & Dan, the inspiration

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